Here are some trailers and sketches from a few of the films costumed by The Orchard House Wardrobe and made by Crow’s Eye Productions film company and WAG Screen community group .

Girl with a Pearl Earring 0.36 (Crow’s Eye Productions)

American Gothic 0.28 (Crow’s Eye Productions)

Mona Lisa 0.36 (Crow’s Eye Productions)

The Luttrell Psalter Film 1.53 (WAG Screen)

Would you like to see the Luttrell Psalter film online for free? WAG Screen will upload the film to Facebook (in HD) when the number of fans on the Luttrell Psalter Facebook page reaches 1,000! So if you want to see the film – spread the word!

The Lady of Shalott 0.29 (WAG Screen)

La Donna Di Shalott – Dante Ferrara 3.24 (Crow’s Eye Productions)

Life on Church Farm 6 minutes (WAG Screen)

Life on Church Farm is a short film made for a small farmhouse museum.

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