Pauline Loven is a period costumier with 30 years experience of researching and carefully crafting period costumes. The Orchard House Wardrobe is the  wardrobe department of Crow’s Eye Productions and will shortly be merging permanently with them. More on this soon…

Pauline writes a blog on the making of costume: Period Wardrobe Follow the link to find out more about the costumes she has created.

Pauline has a first class honours degree in Heritage Studies and has lectured in Vernacular Architecture, Heritage Interpretation and Period Costume.

Pauline costumed and co-produced The Luttrell Psalter Film, The Lady of Shalott and Life on Church Farm films.  Her most recent costume work includes clothing for Crow’s Eye Productions’, ‘Mona Lisa’, American Gothic and Girl with a Pearl Earring. Pauline continues to research and add to her knowledge of period dress.

The Orchard House Wardrobe will ultimately be a source of period patterns (when Pauline can find the time!!), so will not dissapear entirely.

Mona LydiaGirl with a Pearl Earring

Crow's Eye Productions on locationCrow's Eye productions on location

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